• Converted headlines to follow Python doc standards, as suggested by Sphinx.
  • Began adding notes using the .. note:: syntax
  • Further editing and massaging of document


  • Convert diagrams from Word book and insert them into restructured text version
  • Write code insertion program (I have the code extractor to create code tree from document, but I want to also be able to automatically pull/refresh document listings from code tree)
  • Reorganize document hierarchy into Sphinx format. Before I put the document up on Launchpad, I’d like the initial architecture to be established, so people can just follow along.


  • I’d like to move the book’s feature list to Launchpad’s “Blueprint” system and start using that, but so far I haven’t found the docs for Blueprints.

One Response to “Bruce”

  1. yarkot Says:

    RE: Blueprints: Browse around the various bazaar blueprints; there seem to be a lot of alternative links / uses. Like issues, but requirements development. Some under-development specs are visible; some require login… it’s worth a poke around.

    RE: Sphinx: I’ve tried to create a sphinx doc w/ sphinx on Windows using MikTeX 2.7 (Have used this to create entire books / John Wiley styles). For Sphinx, I’m getting errors. Anyone else having troubles?

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