• Installed sphinx, ran sphinx-quickstart
  • Modified my build program to create book so that each chapter is a subdirectory (I think this will produce a simpler architecture for people to follow, because each chapter will then be a standalone little article. Also chapters can easily be rearranged, since the Sphinx index.txt file controls the order of chapters).
  • Diagrams are now in proper subdirectories. Eventually I hope that all diagrams can be (re) created using something like Omnigraffle. Note that you can use any tool you want to create initial diagrams; only when the book is being prepared for print will the diagrams be revisited and polished if necessary (would Google Sketchup be a good suggestion for people who don’t already have a diagramming tool?).
  • I think I followed the instructions for Sphinx, but got an error message when I ran make so I joined the Sphinx newsgroup and submitted the error along with my project. Will wait and see what they say, or for a fix.

2 Responses to “Bruce”

  1. yarkot Says:

    Omnigraffle? Os-X only?

    Umm, can we consider using something open for diagrams? Open Office Draw? Inkscape? I’ve got PC and Linux (Fedora) for options…

    BTW – thanks for posting the UTF-8 tree conversion script to the Sphinx group.

  2. Bruce Says:

    Yes, with the caveat that we don’t end up making the project too hard. I mentioned omnigraffle because it always gets raves for simplicity and the polish of its results. I know inkscape is impressive but I’ve heard it’s kind of an expert-level tool.

    One possibility is to create the diagrams in the tool of your choice, and then when they stabilize they can be redone in something like omnigraffle to produce publication-quality work. Ideally this final pass would be done by a single person so the diagrams have consistency.

    This way you don’t have to feel constrained by the diagramming tool, or feel held back by having to learn a new one. People could use google sketchup, for that matter (and that might produce satisfactory results). Only when the book is being prepared for press will the polishing of the diagrams be considered; up until then you can use whatever you want.

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