• Managed to get Sphinx working without errors. The output is quite nice, and there is even a built-in search function.


  • I’m trying to figure out how to get the Sphinx Latex output to build. It appears that Sphinx will produce everything in Latex that would be necessary to create a book (goes right to PDF, there is an indexing facility) so it would be very nice if the book never had to go to Word at all; could just be kept in Sphinx format and go right to HTML for viewing onscreen and directly to PDF for printing. That would be very impressive and useful indeed.
  • Need to create standalone code extractor (create code tree from book) and updater (incorporate code automatically into book)
  • Once I do the above two things, I think the project will be ready to post on Launchpad so people can start getting Bazaar checkouts.
  • Might need to create a basic page on how to run Bazaar.
  • I’m sure we’ll have some experimenting to do before the process of forking and reincorporating goes smoothly, so at first no one should do any big changes, until we all figure out how things work.

2 Responses to “Bruce”

  1. yarkot Says:

    Perhaps the Bazaar quick reference links will be helpful:

  2. yarkot Says:

    I could have _sworn_ I had another link to something like the cheat-sheet diagram that (I now realize) exists for mercurial:

    Maybe I’ll try making something similar for bzr/launchpad…. stay tuned…

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