• I seem to have the very basics of using Bazaar and Launchpad down. I have a shell alias called “push” which pushes up my current version to the trunk, and I have successfully done this several times.
  • I’ve also figured out how to upload the downloadable packages, which you can get by pressing the “downloads” button on the home page for the project.


  • Figure out how to merge someone else’s edits with the main trunk. Yarko is working on putting up some relatively simple edits, and once he does I’ll experiment with those to figure out how to do it.
  • I have the program mostly designed and working, and I think it will go into the “Comprehensions” chapter because it’s a good example of using those, as well as some design patterns. I still need to test and finalize the “update” command, which actually takes code and puts it back into the document (and is thus a bit riskier so I want to be sure it’s working). One thing I’m doing is trying to use difflib to check to see whether a file has actually changed before updating it into the document, although I’ve always found difflib to be rather arcane and this has slowed me down.

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