Moved to BitBucket/Mercurial

Based on Yarko’s suggestion, experimented with BitBucket and the Mercurial DVCS and immediately ended up moving the project there. Hard to put my finger on why, but everything seems significantly smoother and easier. The BitBucket site also responds much faster. It has wikis for people who prefer to start by just writing code and text for contributions, if figuring out everything else is too big a hurdle at first.

We’ll need to redo the Developer Guide chapter for this new system, but the ease of working with the new system is worth it.

The project home page has the links to the new system.


One Response to “Moved to BitBucket/Mercurial”

  1. manuzhai Says:

    Maybe you can play a role in the upcoming DVCS discussion on python-dev? There are some ardent bzr supporters there, so it would be nice to have some hg clout (specifically switchers from bzr!).

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